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4 reasons to live in West Hartford

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Choosing where to live is an important decision. Thankfully, there are plenty of great reasons to live in West Hartford. They make this town the perfect choice for you. We’ll show you just some of the benefits that the area has to offer. On top of that, you can count on us at Lippincott Van Lines to ensure that moving here is a seamless experience. West Hartford truly offers a welcoming environment for everyone, from families to professionals. For that reason, let’s explore deeper why it’s a town that should be on your radar.

A diverse and welcoming community

With around 64,000 residents, West Hartford is small enough to feel like you matter but still big enough to feel like a part of something bigger. You can expect different experiences and welcoming people left and right in the area. From big companies to mom-and-pop shops, there’s a lot to enjoy. On top of that, there are many community events and social gatherings that make it easy to fit in. After the movers West Hartford CT help you relocate, we’re sure the neighbors will be knocking at your door and providing you with a warm welcome.

People putting their hands together
The community in the town is one of the great reasons to live in West Hartford

A great education awaits you in West Hartford

If education is important to you, you won’t be disappointed with your choice of destination. West Hartford ranks 4th in the county and 13th in the state. There are several quality schools where your kids can get top-notch education. For example, Bugbee School and Hall High School are leading when it comes to academic achievements. If you plan on booking Connecticut residential movers to make sure you get amazing educational opportunities for your kids, you will be more than happy. Make the best of the education you can get in West Hartford.

Job opportunities and a great economy

West Hartford has great companies working in the area. Some examples include companies like Hartford, UConn Health, Travelers Insurance, United Technologies, and many more. The year 2024 is expected to be a year of growth for the area and the state of Connecticut overall, with both GDP and job growth on the rise. When it comes to the average income, you can expect it to be around $48,000. When you take all these things into account, you don’t need to worry about problems with the job hunt.

An amazing cultural and recreational life

The town’s Leisure Services Department maintains excellent recreational facilities and organizes hundreds of programs for all age groups. West Hartford has two indoor pools, four outdoor pools, two public golf courses, and multiple parks, enhancing the community’s active lifestyle. Additionally, West Hartford is home to unique attractions like Jonathan’s Dream, an inclusive playground designed for children of all abilities. Do you need more information before you contact local movers CT? Here are some of the must-visit places in West Hartford that highlight its cultural and recreational life:

  • Blue Back Square: A shopping and entertainment center.
  • The Children’s Museum: Interactive fun with a focus on science and nature.
  • Art Museum, University of Saint Joseph: Exhibits spanning several centuries.
  • Westmoor Park: An environmental education center with a barnyard and gardens.
  • MDC Reservoirs: Ideal for outdoor activities like biking and hiking.

Other great reasons to live in West Hartford

We know that limiting West Hartford to just four reasons to move would be a great injustice. For that reason, we want to talk more about why it’s such a great place to live. When you look at the town of West Hartford, you want to consider even more positive aspects of relocating here. Let’s go over some that we’re sure will make it even easier to relocate here.

A family having fun which is one of the reasons to live in West Hartford
There’s plenty of reasons to explore living in West Hartford

Beautiful nature and outdoor areas

West Hartford offers several amazing parks. Elizabeth Park, with its famous rose garden, is a great place to enjoy your free time. But there’s more to this amazing area. MDC Reservoirs, which provide miles of trails for hiking and biking. These green spaces are perfect for outdoor activities or simply enjoying a quiet picnic. However, there are also outdoor areas for those interested in culture. Examples of these are the West Hartford Art League and the Noah Webster House. They offer a glimpse into local art and history. Overall, there’s no shortage of options for a fun time in the area.

West Hartford is a very convenient location

Located just 5 miles west of downtown Hartford, Connecticut, the town is perfectly positioned for those who love the balance between suburban tranquility and city convenience. You can combine the peace of living away from the big crowd while still being close enough to get all the benefits of these areas. West Hartford benefits from easy access to major highways and state routes, improving connectivity and transportation options for residents. By being able to get around without too many problems, you can be sure that this town is great for those who plan to commute around the area.

Enjoy amazing dining and shopping

You can also add fine shopping and dining to your list of reasons to live in West Hartford. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful and diverse place. Food lovers can enjoy a variety of tasty foods on their plates. For example, the Hartford Baking Company is the perfect place to get a fresh pastry and grab a cup of coffee. Treva will offer you amazing dining experiences with exquisite Italian cuisine.

Are you more into shopping? Then, places like Blue Back Square and Westfarms Mall will present you with various boutique shops, major retailers, and even places to find the latest fashion and unique gifts. There’s so much to explore, and we’re sure West Hartford will be able to offer you just what you need.

A table at a restaurant
Pick one of the many great places to spend your time in the area

A strong and safe community

West Hartford is celebrated for its safety and strong community bond, with crime rates significantly lower than the national average. The town’s police department champions community policing, fostering trust and cooperation between residents and law enforcement. This approach has resulted in a secure environment where community participation through neighborhood watch groups is common. West Hartford’s commitment to safety and community engagement makes it a desirable location for those prioritizing a secure and unified community life.

Make West Hartford your home

There’s so much that makes West Hartford the perfect place for you. With all the reasons to live in West Hartford we presented to you, we’re sure that you’ll have more than enough to make this amazing town your new home. From a peaceful and safe area to the opportunities that come for individuals and families, there’s really no reason not to consider West Hartford. If you decide to move here, make sure to explore all the benefits the area offers.

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