Lippincott Van Lines


Moving Checklist

Office Relocation Checklists

Pre-Move Planning & Organization

1. Arrange with building management all matters relating to move in / out procedures, make move date reservations, acquire applicable permits, make special arrangements with vendors, etc.

2. Implement the identification coding system with the help of Southern Nevada Movers personnel. Use labels provided by Southern Nevada Movers to identify all items that are to be moved. This will ensure their proper placement at the new site.

3. Have diagrams and / or number codes placed at each office or work station in the new facility showing the desired placement of furniture and equipment in relation to the doors, windows, and walls.

4. Arrange with vendors for the servicing and preparation of all electronic equipment, copiers, computers, postal machines, etc., if applicable.

5. Coordinate with vendors who may prefer to move their own equipment, such as Xerox, mainframe computers, vending machines, coffee systems, etc.

6. Discuss arrangements for disassembly of shelves & cabinetry, the moving of said pieces, and the reassembly with building management and Southern Nevada Movers.

7. Discuss the disassembly and reassembly of modular office spaces with Southern Nevada Movers.

8. Provide move coordinators, for both the origin and destination buildings.

9. Provide emergency phone numbers for the elevator repairman during the weekend and / or after hours move.

General Moving Preparation

1. Pack the contents of all personal offices, bookcases, storage cabinets, and miscellaneous loose materials, into cartons or onto carts.

2. Pack all common area contents into cartons or onto rolling carts.

3. Close and tape the tops of all cartons in your office.

4. Pack or move lamps, sculptures, and miscellaneous fragile items.

5. Disconnect any computer hook ups, park hard drives, put discs into disc drive, and prepare for moving.

6. Dismount pictures, bulletin boards, white boards, presentation boards, maps, and miscellaneous wall mounted items.

 Primary Office Move

1. Move miscellaneous personal items, small plants, knick-knacks, small pictures, and plaques.

 Following the Office Move

1. Unpack the contents of personal offices, bookcases, storage cabinets, common areas, and any other loose materials.

2. Re-hang pictures, bulletin boards, white boards, presentations boards, maps, and miscellaneous wall mounted items.

3. Re-connect all computer terminals and electronic equipment.

4. Break down cartons after the move and sort them for removal by Southern Nevada Mover's personnel.