Employees Preparing to Move

Office & Industrial Moves

Employees Preparing for the Move

Completely empty and pack the contents of all book shelves, storage cabinets, and center shelf areas of credenzas.

1. Do NOT pack the following into boxes because they will be loaded onto rolling carts:
     -Business machines
     -Plastic desk accessories, desk pads, etc.

2. Desk Preparation:
     -Remove all items from drawers
     -Carry with you any valuable or fragile items
     -Do not lock your desk drawers

3. Desk Preparation:
     -Pack all drawers and shelves into cartons and label
     -Secure vertical filing cabinets files by sliding the guide plates, located at the rear of the drawers, forward
     -Wrap tape around the push lock to keep it secure

4. Remove all shelf support hooks from credenza and bookcase shelves; label and pack them in a drawer. Label all shelving and place it near the bookcase.

5. Label everything that is to be moved including chair mats, desk pads, business machines, wastebaskets, computers, pictures, and desk returns. Place labels where can be easily seen. Labels will be provided by Southern Nevada Movers.

6. Prepare all computer equipment for moving by disconnecting from power, disconnecting all hardware and labeling each piece.

7. Unplug all equipment and secure loose cords.

8. Check with specific vendors about removing chemicals from copy machines and other electronic equipment as specified by the manufacturer.

9. When packing, to avoid crushing items, do not fill boxes past the top. Write your name on the box and label one narrow end only.

10. Before the movers arrive empty all wastebaskets.

11. Two drawer filing cabinets or small bookcases do not need to be packed. Four, five, and six drawer cabinets can not be packed.

12. Carry with you all personal, precious, or valuable items.

13. On the day of the move, post an 8½ “ X 11” drawing of your furniture placement with the room number clearly labeled at the top. (see example)