Lippincott Van Lines


About Us: Lippincott New Haven

Lippincott Van Lines maintains its existence as an independent carrier, thereby precipitating a high quality, flexible service. The absence of major van line affiliation ensures that our own drivers, using our own equipment carry out each relocation we partake in. Our staff has complete control of the move, from initial packing to final delivery. This unique situation allows us to relocate goods anywhere in the country, with the same quality and efficiency as if we were moving them across the street.

Size:  Lippincott Van Lines, since its inception, has expanded annually so as to meet the changing demands of the moving industry. In fact, our company prides itself on being young and aggressive, willing to adapt to change and avoiding the ills of complacency. Presently, we have 50 pieces of moving equipment including tractors, trailers, straight trucks, and pack vans. We feel we are at an optimum size to truly embody the time-honored motto, "Large enough to compete, yet small enough to care.

Employees: A driving desire to excel has propelled Lippincott Van Lines to seek out the best talent in the moving industry. Each employee must pass through an extensive training session, including a state-of-the-art computer program, familiarizing them with every aspect of the moving industry. Not only are our employees among the most qualified in the industry, but they are also among the most proud. Lippincott’s commitment to its employees is a direct advantage for each of our customers, in that they can rest assured that their goods are being handled by individuals who take the utmost pride in their work.

Service: Lippincott Van Lines dedication to performance insures that each client receives our very best service. In other words, our fortitude, is the customer’s gain. Our quality service extends from our corporate office. Each member of the office personnel is committed to displaying the highest level of "personalized professionalism". "Personalized professionalism" refers to our ability to extend personal service to each one of our clients, as customers are treated by name, not by number. Personal relationships and a strong report is unquestionably the substructure of Lippincott Van Line’s exceptional, customer focused service.